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Tue May 26th 2020

We have available loans for our clients at Zero-interest and Zero-fees.

An issue that arises for our clients is the ability to pay for large costs that are needed. Issues such as medicals for residency applications, immigration fees, humanitarian appeals mean our clients are faced with approaching loan sharks and their very high interest rates.

We have started a microfinance pool of money we could lend and then use the repayments to build the pool again to lend to others.

There are no interest or fees charged on the loans. People who get a loan will have to agree to certain conditions to assist them in financial matters. Conditions may include using a budget advisor, taking on no further debt etc.

These loans are for when the money cannot be accessed via WINZ or any other source.

Loan Committee

The Loan Committee comprises a minimum of three people trained and informed about the loan assessment process and familiar with the Roles & Responsibilities of the Loan Committee.

Loan Committee Members receive loan applications from the Loans Coordinator by group email and may comment and raise questions for the Loans Coordinator to resolve with the financial mentor/client. A minimum of three-member votes is required for a loan application to be approved.

In the interest of privacy, and to maintain impartiality and integrity in the process, the identity of applicants is not known to Loan Committee Members.


Must be a current Asylum Seeker or Spontaneous Refugee without residency.

Only money for

        Immigration costs;

                    humanitarian appeal fees

                    medicals for residence

                    immigration application fees

            Accommodation costs;

                    bonds (where WINZ have declined)

                    rent in advance (where WINZ have declined)

            Transportation costs;

                    cost of getting a license

                    urgent repairs for a vital mode of transport

Max loan $780, Max term 6 months, max repayment $30 a week.

The application form must be completed, along with required identity documentation.

Committee meets online as needed to assess – 5 day answer turnaround.

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